Temporary Employment in Bulgaria

In relation to the obligation to transpose the European Directive concerning employment through temporary employment agencies, in January 2012 the Bulgarian Parliament adopted amendments to the Labour Code stipulating, for the first time in our country, temporary employment of workers and employees for the purpose of making their workforce available to a user enterprise. The new provisions retroactively became effective on December 5, 2011.
An employment agreement shall be entered into with an enterprise that provides temporary work, and shall cover the performance of a specific work or substitution of a worker or employee who is absent from work.
The enterprise providing temporary work shall not require from the worker or employee to pay a fee for his/her temporary employment or eventually to enter into a final agreement.
Enterprises providing temporary work shall be registered with the Employment Agency in accordance with the procedure provided for in the Employment Promotion Act.
The total number of workers and employees provided to the user enterprise may not exceed 30% of the total number of the workers and employees working at it. The relationships between the two companies shall be settled in an agreement.
The law provides for the protection of the rights and interests of temporarily employed workers and employees.

24.01. 2012