Law office

Daniela Ivanova-Marie, attorney-at-law and member of Sofia Bar and Paris Bar, founded her first Bulgarian-French law office in 2004 in Sofia for the purpose to help the customers in the development of their business affairs in Bulgaria as well as to bring about the establishment of new customers prevailingly with French capital and of French origin.

The law firm is managed and represented by Daniela Ivanova-Marie Managing Partner.

Bogdan BOGDANOV, the second main partner of the firm, perfectly French and English speaking, joined the team in 2008 and his work, his expertise and his experience contribute enormously to the development of the firm and its reputation with clients.

The law office provides juridical service of companies and private institutions in many spheres.  

We believe that the personal and human relations with our clients and amongst our lawyers are indispensable for building a productive atmosphere of work, underpinned by harmonious human relations and solidarity. To this end, the firm retains its structure of a small office.

We recognize as our major asset our ability to ensure competent coordination between the business ventures of our clients and the legal consulting we are providing them with in France and in Bulgaria.

Our team brings together partners, attorneys-at-law  and young professionals most of which have obtained legal degrees both in Bulgaria and in France/Abroad.

All members of our team have excellent command of both French and English. Hence, a significant dimension of our high quality work can be recognised in the absence of language barriers and the profound knowledge of the legislation and legal practices of both jurisdictions.

Our knowledge of the legislation and legal practices of Bulgaria and France enables us to anticipate the inquiries of our French and foreign clients and to inform them about possible legal difficulties which they may encounter in the future, as well as to draw their attention to the specificities of the Bulgarian legal system and legal standards.

Another advantage of ours is the partners’ profile in Law of Industrial and Intellectual Property as well as registration of Bulgarian, international and European trademarks, designs, models and patents.

Our fees are determined on the basis of the hours our lawyers spend on each particular case, or a consulting package related to a court case or individual consultation. Annual subscription consulting is also practiced with some of our clients.

In every individual case we strive to adapt legal means to the needs of our clients and thus provide legal services of the highest possible quality at the most reasonable price.

Our competence and quick responsiveness aim to meet the needs and expectations of our clients. We are convinced that our clients have to receive quality and efficient legal servicing within the shortest terms possible.

We believe that our customers should receive quality legal services in as fast as possible. All customers are equally important for us, no matter whether they are large entities or individuals.

French-Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry - CCFB
Belgium Bulgaria Luxembourg Business Club - BBL